Is That Pesticide Safe?

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For those of you that do not want to stick around until the end;
The short answer is… {**SPOILER ALERT**} Yes, it is safe.
When applied correctly, most pesticides are perfectly fine to use around
your kids and your pets.

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Now for the rest of you that are not ok with an arbitrary “Sure they are!”, here are 3 things that should put your mind at ease.

1. Cascade Dish Detergent

I know that sounds random, but stick with me here. The EPA regulates the distribution and usage of products containing chemicals in the U.S. and have indicated 4 categories for toxicity.

Category I: DANGER – Fatal

Category II: WARNING – May Be Fatal

Category III: CAUTION – Harmful

Category IV: CAUTION – No Hazard Statement Required

A typical household pest control company does not treat with products in Categories I or II (Reliant Included!). The majority of the products we use are in Category IV, with only a few falling into Category III; which is the same category as Cascade dish detergent btw! Because the products we use at Reliant are applied according to the label, as well as at many other reputable pest control companies, you’re good to go!

2. Ratios

To most people who are unfamiliar with our services and the products we apply, the exterior power-spray can be very intimidating.  (if you’re not familiar with what this is, watch this 29 sec video). When a technician marks that he applied 5 GALLONS of pesticide around your home, it can cause a bit of a freakout! However, with a little piece of knowledge, you will be able to rest assured that this is no cause for alarm. In every gallon, there are 128 ounces, which means that within the 5 GALLONS of spray our technician uses, your home receives the breakdown of typically 638.5 ounces of water, .5 ounces of a detergent (to ensure the spray does not wash away when it rains), and 1 ounce of pesticide. The reason a technician uses so much water is to achieve a nice, even spread of the product for optimal pest control. This keeps the toxicity low while being extremely efficient in killing pests.

At first glance, 5 gallons seems like a lot, but in actuality, it’s just the right amount!

3. Caution

Hopefully, the knowledge of toxicity and ratios has put your mind at ease. However, just because pest control companies typically use products very low in toxicity, does not mean that anyone should flippantly and arbitrarily apply pesticides. You use Cascade every day to wash the dishes, but that doesn’t mean you let your kids or pets use it as a substitute for a bubble bath, shampoo, or toothpaste! Our technicians take great care when placing baits to make sure they are out of reach for curious children and animals and that the immediate area is clear when applying any sprays or powders to assure that no one comes in contact with the products.

At Reliant we take great care with our services and the products we apply. We take our job seriously and work with all of our customers to give them a comfortable pest free environment!

While there is nothing to worry about with pesticides that are properly applied, you still need to use caution with ALL chemicals and pesticides…. including dish soap!

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