7 Common Pest Control Mistakes

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Share this Post  Pest Control Mistakes Mosquitoes crashing your barbecue. Ants marching through your kitchen. Roaches quickly scurrying out of sight when you turn on your bathroom lights. There’s really no argument. Pests in your home are disgusting, dangerous, and frightening. As soon as you see any sort of pest, it’s natural to want to do whatever it takes to … Read More

The Flea

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Share this Post Fleas are tiny flightless insects from the order Siphonaptera. They are external parasites of both mammals and birds, and live off the blood of their hosts. Adults usually dark brown and about 3 mm long. They have a sideways flattened body allowing them to move through the host’s fur easily and have mouth-parts designed for piercing skin and … Read More

Is That Pesticide Safe?

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Share this Post Now for the rest of you that are not ok with an arbitrary “Sure they are!”, here are 3 things that should put your mind at ease. I know that sounds random, but stick with me here. The EPA regulates the distribution and usage of products containing chemicals in the U.S. and have indicated 4 categories for toxicity. … Read More

Our Products

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Click on any of the following to view or print the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for the products we use. Any one of these products could be used depending on the pest and environmental situation. Ron is a Certified Applicator for Pests and Termites in the State of Texas. He is a lover of grand adventures, great reading, and anything … Read More