The Earwig

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Share this Post The Earwig is a member of the scientific order, Dermaptera, meaning “skin wings”. They are odd little insects with even stranger myths surrounding it.  These insects have two pairs of wings, an outer pair of short forewings and a pair of membranous wings folded beneath them.  Some of these bugs can fly, but not all of them.  … Read More

The Flea

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Share this Post Fleas are tiny flightless insects from the order Siphonaptera. They are external parasites of both mammals and birds, and live off the blood of their hosts. Adults usually dark brown and about 3 mm long. They have a sideways flattened body allowing them to move through the host’s fur easily and have mouth-parts designed for piercing skin and … Read More

The Black Widow

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Black Widow Spider On Her Web

Share this Post Latrodectus, the Black Widow, the spider with the red hourglass on its back is one of the most iconic and feared spiders in the world.  Its likeness can be found in movies, both monstrous and mundane, and even in the form of a certain superhero assassin.  Are they truly so deserving of this reputation?  What is the real … Read More